Impossible, Sarah Lotz – Book Review

I don’t often read romance novels, but this latest offering from British fantasy author Sarah Lotz is something a little unique. And I adored it! Authentic, down-to-earth characters, British humour and a unique sci-fi fantasy twist which really makes this love story impossible

Bee is a fashion designer running her own business upcycling wedding dresses from her London apartment. Nick is a failed writer living in a struggling marriage with his loyal dog Rosie in Leeds. The two never would have met if it wasn’t for an email error, but when Nick accidently sends Bee an email meant for his client, sparks fly.

Lots of the book is made up of Nick and Bee’s email conversations, interspersed with first person perspectives from the two of them. It’s a common trope in books like this, but it works so well here. Their back-and-forth really brings the two of them to life, they’re packed with sassy, snarky banter. It’s refreshing to read and the relationship they form feels natural, despite their differences. But when the two finally decide to meet, they realise all isn’t as it seems.

This book is a tricky one to review, and I’ve seen reviews and blurbs that spoil the big twist. I’m going to avoid doing that here but, if you want to know what makes this book a little different to your average email romance, there’s plenty of ways that you can find out. Safe to say that I went into this knowing that it wasn’t a straightforward romance, knowing that it had sci-fi/fantasy elements. That’s what sold the book to me – and those elements did not disappoint.

Lotz has crafted a multi-genre, thoroughly entertaining and touching story here. It’s a rare combination of warm, funny and completely gripping. This was my first read from the author, but it won’t be my last!

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. 5/5.


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