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The Wonder, Emma Donoghue – Book Review

Since reading Room years ago I’ve followed Emma Donoghue closely and read a number of her books, but I’ve never found one which could top the Booker-nominated, film-inspiring sensation that was Room. But this one come pretty damn close. I’m not sure I’d say The Wonder quite surpasses Room, but it stands in its own right as a riveting piece of historical fiction.

The Wonder

The story takes place in middle Ireland, a few years after the Great Famine. Lib Wright, an English nurse who trained under Florence Nightingale during the Crimean War, is called to the area to take an unusual position. Her ward is Anna O’Donnell, an eleven-year-old who who has supposedly not eaten a morsel of food for four months. Lib is required to simply watch the young girl, and report her observations to a committee after two weeks. Continue reading


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From book to screen: Room review

room film  room

I read Emma Donoghue’s novel a few years ago, but I reckon I’d count it amongst my favourites of all time. Obviously, when the film came out I had to go and see how they compared. 

The ‘Room’ in question here is a garden shed where five-year-old Jack has spent his entire life with his ‘Ma’, Joy. The two are isolated and imprisoned, but to Jack it’s just normal life. They do all the usual mother-son things; from Joy making sure Jack gets exercise and learns his ABCs to the pair baking a cake to celebrate Jack’s fifth birthday. Until one day, Joy reveals the severity of their situation, and they make a break for freedom. Continue reading

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