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The Atlas Six, Olivie Blake, Review

So, I finally succumbed to the “Tiktok sensation” that is The Atlas Six, ahead of the sequel coming out. And really, I have no idea how I feel about it. This book both was and wasn’t what I expected; it surprised me and slightly bored me in equal measure.

It starts off strong, as we meet six medians (basically magicians/witches – whatever you’d like to call them) receiving a mysterious invitation to a secret society. Magical dark academia at its finest. That invitation is issued by the Caretaker, Atlas and it offers them to the opportunity to access a secret library; archives of magical information and history which is held back from the rest of the world.

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The Once and Future Witches, Alix E. Harrow – Book Review

I have wanted to read this beautiful looking book for over a year, so now it’s just out in paperback I finally got my chance (as it happens I already had my pre-order in for the paperback, but it became available as a galley first!) This author’s debut The Ten Thousand Doors of January was a stunning piece of magical historical fiction and she’s followed it up with something just as good – maybe even better.

In this book, the author beautifully weaves together historical fiction and fantasy. She whisks us back to an alternative late 1800s Salem during the time when the suffragettes are fighting the good fight. But there’s an underlying current. Because these women don’t just want rights for women. They want to bring back the old powers, the magic and witchcraft their ancestors passed on to them through the generations.

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The Holdout, Graham Moore – Book Review

The Holdout, Graham Moore

I received The Holdout in exchange for an honest review

Twelve jurors, a controversial murder case which appears to be a slam dunk, except for one holdout. That’s the premise for this intelligent, entertaining thriller from Graham Moore.

In 2009, black teacher, Bobby Nock, was on trial for murdering his white fifteen-year-old pupil Jessica, who also happened to heiress to a billion dollar fortune. All the evidence was stacked against him, but with no physical proof and no body, young juror Maya was unwilling to convict. Continue reading

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Three Hours, Rosamund Lupton – Book Review

I received Three Hours in exchange for an honest review

I’ve read and enjoyed every book this author has written. She isn’t an author who churns out thriller after thriller, instead sneaking out a new release every few years, each new release gaining acclaim and getting translated into multiple languages. Everything she writes is so meticulous researched, beautifully written with care and attention to every little detail, and this is no exception. Tackling the controversial topic of school shootings could be her most ambitious subject matter yet, but this book was completely on point; emotional, intelligent and compelling.

Three Hours, Rosamund Lupton


Three hours can go in the blink of an eye, or feel like a lifetime. When a rural, liberal school in quiet area of South England comes under threat from a gunman, it’s some of the most important hours in the characters’ lives. In the heart of the English countryside in the middle of a snowstorm, a brave bunch of students and teachers battle with the elements and the threat of gunmen, whilst an expert team of investigators work to save them, and the tension throughout is palpable. Continue reading


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Lock Every Door, Riley Sager – Book Review

I received Lock Every Door in exchange for an honest review

This was a fun, twisty, trippy thrill ride, dripping with atmosphere. Sometimes I find myself irritated by thrillers with obscure twists – and this one definitely has that – but I’ll let it slide for this one because it was just so entertaining. Is it a little ridiculous? Yes, definitely – but it’s fun!

Lock Every Door, Riley Sager

“Every so often, life offers you a reset button. When it does, you need to press it as hard as you can.”

We meet the protagonist Jules at a low point in her life; she’s lost her job, home and boyfriend – so when a dream apartment sitting job comes along, she jumps at it. And this isn’t just any apartment; it’s an apartment in the Bartholomew – “the Manhattan version of a palace, inhabited by the city’s elite”; a prestigious, imposing and extremely elitist building in the heart of New York City. There’s a few strange rules, but nothing Jules can’t handle. Continue reading

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Eileen, Otessa Moshfegh – Book Review

I received Eileen in exchange for an honest review

What an odd, dark little story Eileen is. It’s a book with an unforgettable female lead. It’s a book which was at times unpleasant to read, and yet I couldn’t quite bring myself to look away. It’s a book that employed excellent, clever writing, but I’d struggle to recommend it to anyone. In that respect, it’s pretty unique, and I can see why it has been shortlisted for the Man Booker prize.

EileenThe author envelops us in the world of Eileen, a character you’re likely to both despise and sympathise with. It’s as if she’s bottled the very essence of a pathetic, lonely existence and presented it here in this book. It’s not exactly enjoyable, but I was desperate to find out where it was all going to lead, and unsure what Eileen could be capable of. Continue reading

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Happy World Book Day!

Here’s a little quote from  the legendary J.K. Rowling to celebrate.


No story lives unless someone wants to listen. The stories we love best do live in us forever.


I hope you have all had a great day! 🙂

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