More Than You’ll Ever Know, Katie Guitierrez – Book Review

That elegant, decadent cover and the promise of a thrilling tale of love and lies across 1980s American and Mexico really drew me into reading this debut. And it is an impressive debut, with writing as elegant as the cover. But, while it uses a true crime writer’s investigation as a tool to tell the story, it’s worth knowing before starting that this isn’t really a crime thriller.

In the 1980s, Delores – known as ‘Lore’ – marries Andres Russo in Mexico. But, she already has a husband and two sons at her American home in Texas. In 2017, budding true crime writer comes across an article about Delores, and how her unfaithful actions lead to murder back in the 80s. She’s intrigued by a crime story with a difference – this isn’t a woman being a victim, this is a woman who was truly in control and took everything she wanted. She wants to talk to Lore, to hear her side of the story, and to turn it into a book.

This is a story of relationships, family and lies. It involves crime elements, but it’s definitely a slow-burn, very character-driven novel. But if you going into it knowing that and stick with it through a slow build-up, you’ll be rewarded with an beautifully written story which draws a tapestry of relationships in a unique and original way. The characters are authentic, the duel settings and era are brought to life, and it explores some thought-provoking topics about the role of women in society. If you love a good family drama, you’ll likely love this.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. 3.5/5.


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