Book Lovers, Emily Henry – Book Review

I don’t often read romance, but this author has somehow slipped into my regular reads over the past couple of years. She can be relied on to leave me with a warm, fuzzy feeling – and sometimes that’s just what I need.

And yes, they can be a little cheesey in places, but you just need to embrace it – and the author does that really well herself with this latest offering. It’s a modern, fresh take on the classic rom-com tropes, which isn’t afraid to make fun of itself just a little.

Meet Nora. She works in publishing, and she knows all typical story cliches. The husband is the killer in the murder mystery. The nerd gets a makeover and becomes beautiful in the high school drama. And in the small-town romance, the cynical city type will end up alone, while the beautiful small-town girl wins the guy’s heart.

Nora feels like she’s living an endless cycle of the small-town romance, except in reverse. She’s the fierce, confident city executive who gets left behind for the nice girl. But maybe her luck is about to change when her sister decides the two of them need to go on their own small-town adventure.

There are parts of this book that are just pure escapism, but it isn’t just a romance, it’s also a story of family, sisters and discovery. And, at its heart, there’s the books. This author always weaves her love of literature into her stories, and I’m here for it.

“This is what looking at Charlie is like sometimes. Like a gut-punch of a sentence, like a line so sharp you have to set the book aside to catch your breath.”

In this one, our protagonists Nora and Charlie both work in publishing, and as part of their story they work on editing a book together. The story is littered with references any book lover will enjoy – even a reference to the author protagonist from her previous novel!

“She wonders whether what comes next could ever live up to the expectations. She doesn’t know. You never can. She turns the page anyway.”

If you’re familiar with this author, you can expect all her usual good vibes. And if you’re not, this is a wonderful place to start – maybe her best yet.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. 4.5/5.


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