Artemis, Andy Weir – Book Review

I received Artemis in exchange for an honest review.

I have to admit, when I initially heard the premise for Artemis, I was nervous. Andy Weir’s debut worked because, despite being sci-fi, it felt like realism. Every step of the main character’s journey and struggles on a failed mission to Mars felt meticulously researched. Can the author pull off that same feel of authenticity in a new novel set in an entirely fictional city on the moon? Turns out, the answer is yes!

Artemis, Andy Weir

I loved Artemis. I loved the incredible world-building, the high-stakes heist and, most of all, the protagonist, Jazz. This wiley, feisty, street-smart character is a rebel with a heart; she seems to have split readers but I am firmly in camp Jazz. She’s got confidence and wit in bucket-loads and it was fantastic to read. I’m so glad the author opted for diversity here, with a Saudi Arabian woman from a Muslim family as the main character, for me it strengthened the novel as a whole.

Life on the moon was fascinating, and the city of Artemis worked so well because it felt grounded in reality. Jazz lives on the moon, but dreams of a better life, and as a known smuggler she’s presented with an opportunity she can’t refuse. There’s still the typical problems you’d find on earth; there’s a rich side and a poor side, a booming tourism economy and murky political history and Weir uses his flair with science to explain how and why life on the moon works in Artemis.

The strong science element we saw in The Martian is present again in this novel; in fact the entire ‘crime’ plot is grounded in science. But, like with his previous novel, it doesn’t matter if you’re a science phobe. The plot is intense and fast-moving and, despite having minimal interest in the economies behind the aluminium and oxygen industries on Artemis, I whizzed through this novel faster than I’ve read anything in quite a while.


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  1. Thanks for the review. This has been on my TBR but I’ve put off committing to it for some of the same reservations you’ve had.

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