One Of Us Is Lying, Katherine McManus – Book Review

I received One Of Us Is Lying in exchange for an honest review

One Of Us Is Lying was an entertaining, quick read which perfectly captures the murky world of High School – a great guilty pleasure read with a little more depth. Five students enter detention. Only four leave alive.

One Of Us Is Lying, Katherine McManus

All the stereotypical High School characters are here – the successful jock, the prom queen, the brain and the rebel. The only character who is a slight enigma, an outsider, is Simon, a character who dies within the first chapter. But why did he die? Who is a culprit and who is a victim? Using Simon’s death as a catalyst, the author casts a tale of High School secrets and lies.

The story is told from the viewpoint of the four survivors from the detention – Bronwyn, Addy, Cooper and Nate. Each has their own agenda and their own secrets to protect, and the multi-narrative works well.

This book moves quickly and has a little bit of everything – there’s plenty of controversy, she tackles some controversial teenage issues wrapped up in a tale of murder, with some romance thrown in. It’s a great piece of YA, although I have to admit that at times I felt the murder at the heart of the story got lost amongst the other mini dramas throughout the story.

But, there is a mystery at the centre of this story, and it’s told well with a twist I really didn’t see coming. It’s a light read, but it’s more intelligent than it first appears. Well worth a read for any fan of the YA genre, but maybe not so much for those after a thrilling murder mystery.


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