While You Were Sleeping, Kathryn Croft – Book Review

I received While You Were Sleeping in exchange for an honest review.

This the third novel I’ve read from Kathryn Croft, and she never fails to have me gripped and entertained throughout her stories. They can be a little farfetched, but suspending disbelief often goes hand in hand with this genre, and they’re always fun to read.

In one of the most original openings to a story I’ve come across, Tara wakes up lying in bed next to her next door neighbour. She’s naked, and he’s dead, the victim of multiple violent stab wounds. With no memory of how she came to be there the night before, Tara flees across the road and back to her own family.

While You Were Sleeping

Although she’s run away from the murder scene, living just across the road, Tara can’t escape the situation that easily. Soon, the police are are at her door, and her stable family life threatens to fall apart around her as Tara, and the reader, is drawn into a web of lies.

There’s something about Croft’s writing which just has me completely hooked; like all of her books I was able to devour this – it’s not too taxing, but always enjoyable with multiple twists which kept me turning the pages. The convoluted, multi-layered and character-centric plotting feels reminiscent of Sophie Hannah – one of my favourite psychological thriller writers.

The character development in particular is spot on; Tara herself is relatable and likeable, but out the host of supporting characters – including her daughter, husband, sister, work colleague and detective – I had no idea who to trust. I was right there with Tara trying to puzzle out this mystery – I changed my mind regarding the culprit multiple times, and never landed on the right answer. I’d recommend this to anyone who enjoys a character-driven thriller with plenty of twists. 


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