Top Ten Tuesday | Books recently added to my TBR


This week I’m again participating in Top Ten Tuesday by The Broke and The Bookish. The prompt is books recently added to my TBR list. Like I said last week, I have a very long TBR list so this shouldn’t be too hard. Here’s my most recent additions – some new releases, some older titles, and some that aren’t out yet – all accompanied by the synopsis from Goodreads.


The Danish Girl by David Ebershoff

Now a major motion picture starring Eddie Redmayne and directed by Tom Hooper, THE DANISH GIRL is a shockingly original novel about one of the most unusual and passionate love stories of the 20th century.
Loosely inspired by a true story, this tender portrait of marriage asks: What do you do when the person you love has to change?




Eleanor by Jason Gurley

1985. The death of Eleanor’s twin sister tears her family apart. Her father blames her mother for the accident. When Eleanor’s mother looks at her, she sees only the daughter she lost. Their wounded family crumbles under the weight of their shared grief.

1993. Eleanor is fourteen years old when it happens for the first time… when she walks through an ordinary door at school and finds herself in another world. It happens again and again, but it’s only a curiosity until that day at the cliffs. The day when Eleanor dives… and something rips her out of time itself.

And on the other side, someone is waiting for her.



Hate List by Jennifer Brown

Five months ago, Valerie Leftman’s boyfriend, Nick, opened fire on their school cafeteria. Shot trying to stop him, Valerie inadvertently saved the life of a classmate, but was implicated in the shootings because of the list she helped create. A list of people and things she and Nick hated. The list he used to pick his targets.

Now, after a summer of seclusion, Val is forced to confront her guilt as she returns to school to complete her senior year.



A Boy Called Christmas by Matt Haig

You are about to read the true story of Father Christmas.
It is a story that proves that nothing is impossible.
If you are one of those people who believe that some things are impossible, you should put this book down right away. It is most certainly not for you.
Because this book is FULL of impossible things.

Are you still reading?


Then let us begin . . .



The Girl You Lost by Katherine Croft

A sinister and darkly compelling psychological thriller from the No.1 bestselling author of The Girl With No Past.

Eighteen years ago, Simone Porter’s six-month-old daughter, Helena, was abducted. Simone and husband, Matt, have slowly rebuilt their shattered lives, but the pain at losing their child has never left them.

Then a young woman, Grace, appears out of the blue and tells Simone she has information about her stolen baby. But just who is Grace – and can Simone trust her? 


The Astonishing Return Of Norah Wells by Virginia Macgregor

One ordinary morning, Norah walked out of her house on Willoughby Street and never looked back. Six years later, she returns to the home she walked away from only to find another woman in her place. Fay held Norah’s family together after she disappeared, she shares a bed with Norah’s husband and Norah’s youngest daughter calls Fay ‘Mummy’.

Now that Norah has returned, everyone has questions. Where has she been? Why did she leave? And why is she back? 

From the author of What Milo Saw, comes this powerful, emotional and perceptive novel about what it takes to hold a family together and what you’re willing to sacrifice for the ones you love.



We Have Always Lived In The Castle by Shirley Jackson

Merricat Blackwood lives on the family estate with her sister Constance and her uncle Julian. Not long ago there were seven Blackwoods—until a fatal dose of arsenic found its way into the sugar bowl one terrible night. Acquitted of the murders, Constance has returned home, where Merricat protects her from the curiosity and hostility of the villagers. Their days pass in happy isolation until cousin Charles appears. Only Merricat can see the danger, and she must act swiftly to keep Constance from his grasp.



The Ballroom by Anna Hope

Where love is your only escape ….

Set over the heatwave summer of 1911, the end of the Edwardian era, THE BALLROOM is a tale of unlikely love and dangerous obsession, of madness and sanity, and of who gets to decide which is which.


Flawed by Cecelia Ahern

The Scarlet Letter meets Divergent in this thoughtful and thrilling novel by bestselling author Cecelia Ahern.

In her breathtaking young adult debut, bestselling author Cecelia Ahern depicts a society where obedience is paramount and rebellion is punished. And where one young woman decides to take a stand that could cost her everything.

Any of these on your TBR? I’d love to hear – let me know in the comments and leave a link so I can visit your blog 🙂



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12 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday | Books recently added to my TBR

  1. I just added Eleanor to my tbr pile as well when I saw the blurb on GoodReads.

  2. I think Eleanor is going on my TBR. Wow, looks interesting! My TTT

  3. The movie for The Danish Girl looks soooo good! I don’t think I’ll be reading the book anytime soon but I really wanna watch the movie 😀 PS: I didn’t do a TTT this week but I did make a post about my 2016 TBR which you can check out here 😀

  4. I’m really curious to read The Danish Girl, I think I’m going to see the movie first and if I enjoy that then read the book.

  5. I enjoyed We Have Always Lived in the Castle. It’s that subtle kind of creepy.

  6. There was a lot of hype a few months back for Flawed and I do hope it lives up to its comparable in Divergent.

    Joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts.

  7. I’ve been meaning to read a Shirley Jackson book for the longest time and We Have Always… sounds like a good place to start. The Danish Girl also sounds really good. I’m also hoping to watch the movie soon. It does has a nice cast.

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