Yearly Wrap-Up: My Top Ten Books Of 2015


Now 2015 is behind us, I thought it was about time to look back at my year of reading and pick out my favourite reads of the year.

2015 was the first year I set myself a reading target on Goodreads – I set myself an aim of 50 books for 2015 and read 61. So I’m pleased I beat my target, and have set myself an ambitious 70 books to read in 2016.  I read a lot of ARCs in 2015, mixed in with some other new releases and some books which had been on my radar to read for a while.


Here’s my top ten (in no particular order). All the covers link to my review for that title.



I read this YA novel quite near the beginning of the year, and it still stands out. A truly haunting, evocative novel with beautiful writing and a gripping plot, I need to read more from this author.


Another book I won’t forget, I fell in love with this touching story of a man in a hospice reflecting on his life. My favourite debut of the year.



Another gorgeous debut, The Versions of Us uses a similar concept to Sliding Doors, telling the life of one couple three different ways. It captures how small decisions can have big ramifications on a life, it made me cry and it made me think.


I’m a huge fan of Stephen King’s work so I may be a little bias but this one I felt had some of the best writing I’ve read from him. I read this near the beginning of 2015 and read Finders Keepers after which was great too, but I think this was still my favourite 2015 Stephen King read.


This book was a real surprise for me; I was expecting quite a light thriller but what I got was wonderfully atmospheric writing and an emotional plot. This tells the story of Audie, who breaks out of prison a day before he is due to be released. But why?


The rich, bold post-apocalyptic world created by Emily St John Mandel in Station Eleven is probably the best I’ve ever read. A beautiful story about relationships, survival and hope.


There’s a reason why this witty, original story of survival was such a smash hit this year – I loved the book and film, and it’s one I’d recommend to pretty much anyone.


This lovely little YA novel was a quick read, with a touching sentiment.


Anthony Doerr’s epic depiction of WWII is vast and beautiful, and this book has the feel of an instant classic.


This is one unique horror story – it’s the first I’ve read from Joe Hill, but it won’t be the last. This guy has imagination.

So that’s it! Did any of these make your list? I’m very excited about my reading for 2016, I have some great-looking ARCs to start the year with and plenty of books on my Kindle which I’m determined to finally get around to. I’ll probably need to do another post to cover all my 2016 reading plans. But for now, thanks for reading, and happy new year!



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3 responses to “Yearly Wrap-Up: My Top Ten Books Of 2015

  1. I’ve just bought a copy of The Versions of Us and I was highly impressed with All The Light We Cannot see too.

  2. Station Eleven and All the Light We Cannot See would probably be in my Top Ten 2015 Best Reads as well.

  3. I really liked NOS4A2 and Everything, Everything as well!:)

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