Mid-Year Review: My Top Five Favourite Books So Far


I noticed that Tasha at The Bookie Monsters had done a mid-year review recently (originally inspired by Sydney at Books And Stuff) and I thought I’d give it a go as I’ve never done any sort of wrap-up post before. It’s not really quite mid-year any more (where is this year going?) but I figured better late than never!

In the first half of this year I read 34 books, which means I’m well on track for my aim of 50, yay! It’s the first time I’ve done the Goodreads 2015 Reading Challenge, but it’s going well so far. Looking back, I also noticed that I’m reading a lot more ARCs than ever before, in fact 4 of my 5 here are books I received from the publisher. I love getting the opportunity to read new books before they hit the shelves, but I’m going to try and have a bit of a break in the second half of the year to work through my stack of bought books.

So, without further ado, here’s my top five (in no particular order). All the covers link to my review for that title.



The only YA novel that’s made my list, this book was dark. A truly haunting, evocative novel with beautiful writing and a gripping plot, I need to read more from this author.


I absolutely fell in love with this book about Ivo, who is living in a hospice and reflecting on his life. It was so emotional and authentic, definitely my debut of the year so far.


Another gorgeous debut, The Versions of Us uses a similar concept to Sliding Doors, telling the life of one couple three different ways. It captures how small decisions can have big ramifications on a life, it made me cry and it made me think.


I’m a huge fan of Stephen King’s work so I may be a little bias but this one I felt had some of the best writing I’ve read from him. It’s also one of the darkest I’ve read.


This book was a real surprise for me; I was expecting quite a light thriller but what I got was wonderfully atmospheric writing and an emotional plot. This tells the story of Audie, who breaks out of prison a day before he is due to be released. But why?



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2 responses to “Mid-Year Review: My Top Five Favourite Books So Far

  1. There are a few of these on my TBR! I loved reading about your favourites 🙂

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