The Bookriot #ReadHarder Challenge

It’s that time of year again. With the New Year nearly here, everyone seems to be setting themselves a reading challenge. I’m not too keen on putting myself under pressure to read a lot of books – I don’t keep track of the number I read within a year, and I don’t really intend to. But I recently stumbled across a challenge which I think will suit me, and I’m ready to take it on.

Book Riot Read Harder Challenge

The Read Harder Challenge over at Bookriot is designed to not just get people to read more, but to get people reading outside of their comfort zones. Different countries, different genres, non-fiction and fiction are all included. And that’s exactly what I wanted – something that doesn’t just push you to read more but, as they put it, stretch your reading limits. So here’s the list.

  • A book written by someone when they were under the age of 25
  • A book written by someone when they were over the age of 65Complete! I read Revival for this task.
  • A collection of short stories
  • A book published by an indie press
  • A book by or about someone that identifies as LGBTQ
  • A book by a person whose gender is different from your own
  • A book that takes place in Asia
  • A book by an author from Africa
  • A book that is by or about someone from an indigenous culture
  • A microhistory
  • A YA novelComplete! I read I Was Here by Gayle Forman for this task.
  • A sci-fi novelComplete! I read The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August for this task.
  • A romance novel
  • A National Book Award, Man Booker Prize or Pulitzer Prize winner from the last decade
  • A book that is a retelling of a classic story
  • An audiobook
  • A collection of poetry
  • A book that someone else has recommended to you
  • A book that was originally published in another language Complete! I read The Room for this task
  • A graphic novel, a graphic memoir or a collection of comics of any kind
  • A book that you would consider a guilty pleasure
  • A book published before 1850
  • A book published this year
  • A self-improvement book

This post will be my master post, and I’ll update it as I complete and link to any reviews.

You can read more about the challenge at Bookriot and they have also made a Goodreads group here (I couldn’t find a logo though, so I made one). I’m excited!



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